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Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we pride ourselves on our strong and proven business relationships with our customers. This page will give you a sample of the many CCC clients that we have gained over the years, and the positive experiences that they have had with the buildings we have developed and constructed for them.

"I personally have been in the construction business for over 30 years... I am certainly qualified to recognize a good team from start to finish! " – R. Lawson, Owner, Kids-R-Kids
"... we experienced virtually no surprises..." – J. Cozad, COO, General Tool Company
"Your schedule held up from beginning to the end and the finishing details were beyond our expectations... " – B. Meyer, President, Fushun Specialty Steel Company
"This was a new venture for me, but I had peace of mind knowing Cincinnati Commercial Contracting was working in my best interest..." – Robert G. Jones, Owner, Robert Jones Plumbing
"We would, without hesitation, recommend Cincinnati Commercial Contracting to anyone who has a building to be built..." – David D. Derrow, Partner, Carstens-Derrow Realty Co.
"Although the pace was fast, your team was committed from the very beginning on meeting our deadline..." – Tim Mathile, CEO/President, Franklin Brazing
"I trust John Westheimer and Cincinnati Commercial Contracting... they have integrity, the best quality, an excellent management staff, and they follow up and follow through." – Charles Winburn, Pastor, The Encampment Church
"CCC exceeded our expectations... I would select them again, and I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking about building a community project." – Dr. Gary Sallquist, Headmaster, Miami Valley Christian Academy
"When I met with John, I really felt like he really cared about what I was looking for, and that he was trying to meet my needs and could meet my timing..." – Victoria Sneed, Owner, The Children's Academy

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