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Crane Buildings

Crane Buildings

CCC Knows Crane Buildings

CCC understands that a manufacturing facility's crane system is critical to its workflow and productivity. CCC's cranes are match-engineered to operate in accord with our high-quality buildings. You can customize our integrated systems to fit your production needs. CCC can also customize our cranes to work with your existing structure. We will sit down with you to discuss your operating methods and requirements, and develop the most cost-effective and production-efficient solution for your application.

CCC uses durable Butler pre-engineered steel buildings to house our crane structures. Made of the highest quality materials and innovative engineering, these buildings boast a powerful, cutting-edge bracing system that creates the safest and most stable environment available.

CCC offers an impressive variety of crane types and can accommodate all your manufacturing requirements. Considerations of load weight, motion, maneuverability, and speed are incorporated into the crane design, as well as the surrounding building specifications. This ensures that the building and crane will function together providing an efficient, durable, and safe work environment.

CCC Makes The Building Process Easy For You

CCC uses its extensive experience in construction engineering to fully manage your crane building project from top to bottom. CCC maximizes the success of a productive collaboration with its customers, while minimizing unnecessary involvement. We use extensive quality control methods and keep the lines of communication open throughout the building process. CCC will deliver your crane building on time and fully operational.

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"We've had this building now for about five years, and it's just as good today as it was when we first opened the doors."

- John Cozad, Chief Operating Officer, General Tool Company


Want to know what it is like to get a crane building built by Cincinnati Commercial Contracting? Click one of these options to view a testimonial video with John Cozad of General Tool Company!

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