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Construction Management

You've chosen the site. You've purchased the property. You've approved a design concept. Now it is time to select the builder. Who can you trust?

One company has built a solid reputation for reliability and responsibility: Cincinnati Commercial Contracting.


The Westheimer Company, founded in the 1900s, earned a reputation throughout the tri-state area for integrity and quality. John Westheimer continues that tradition with CCC. This century-long reputation for quality ensures projects are completed quickly, efficiently and economically. CCC strives to improve its reputation on every job.


As a reliable partner throughout the construction process, CCC stands by its word. Whether you are building a conventional or pre-engineered building, you can rely on CCC to focus on your particular needs and to deliver the highest quality construction possible. CCC will finish your project on time, within budget, to exacting standards, at a competitive cost.


Construction is a means of making your business more successful. CCC understands that its customers are not in the construction business, and that QUALITY is the key to a successful building project.

Therefore, CCC takes responsibility by making experienced on-site decisions and completing the job to your satisfaction. When CCC accepts a job, it is also proudly accepting the responsibility of earning your trust.

Learn more about how to have a successful project. Learn how to make the construction process enjoyable. Have the type of long-term investment you want. Seminars are available on the following topics:

Building pre-engineered buildings

  • Crane buildings
  • Successful building made easy
  • Cost segregation and other tax advantages, and
  • Financing options

Is there a topic in which you have interest? CCC will assemble the experts to assist you. With over 30 years of experience in owning and building, CCC is here to work for you.

Reserve a spot at the next seminar! Seminars are geared to groups of 15 or fewer so you receive the attention you deserve. It is important that customers have a successful project.

To learn more about construction management, click here to contact a CCC representative.

To find out what buildings CCC has for rent or lease, click here. NEW: CCC has many sites and properties available in the Monroe area! Contact us to learn more!