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BIM: Project Examples

Holiday Inn Express Red Bank

B.I.M. Accomplishments:

  1. Viewed 2D plans in 3D so the client could see the building in 3-dimensions.
  2. Rendered interior and exterior renderings for a press release for the Owner an for marketing to future investors.
  3. Reviewed all of rooms to allow the Owner to provide GC with mistakes found in the past during construction due to information being unclear or missing from the 2D drawings.
  4. Resolved over 1,000 architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and
  5. plumbing system before beginning construction in the field.

Detailed list of B.I.M. accomplishments:


  1. 369 clashes between mechanical and plumbing systems.
  2. 11 clashes between electrical and plumbing systems.
  3. 194 clashes between mechanical and structural systems.
  4. 11 clashes between electrical and structural systems.
  5. 5 clashes between plumbing and structural systems.
  6. 32 clashes between ceilings and mechanical systems.
  7. 368 clashes between ceilings and plumbing systems.
  8. Overall, Resolved 1,060 clashes between architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system before ever constructing in the field.
  9. Shower seat locations.
  10. Added insulation.
  11. Shower door height.
  12. Shower walls to be marble.
  13. Shower rods to be included.
  14. Floor door stops to be included.
  15. Condensation below AC units in each guest room.
  16. Hub drain at all ice machines.
  17. Electric for the vanities.
  18. IHG furniture reviewed to be sure electric is included.
  19. The number of outlets to be checked.
  20. Troffer at the dryers.
  21. No concrete at dryers.
  22. Conduits at: desk/reception, PBX.
  23. Music/camera systems in the work area.
  24. CAT6 wiring at east and west egress doors.
  25. All floor drain locations.
  26. All blocking locations.