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BIM: Project Examples

Cincinnati Sub-Zero

B.I.M. Accomplishments

  1. Viewed 2D plans in 3D so the client could see the building in 3-dimensions.
  2. Modified the mechanical systems to allow for correct ceiling heights requested by the clients.
  3. Completed additional drive-bys and renderings to be sure the building was meeting the clients needs aesthetically.

Detailed list of B.I.M. accomplishments

  1. Saved approximately $20,000 by removing roof screening by completing drive-bys to be sure the HVAC equipment would be hidden on the roof.
  2. Modified the exterior coping, materials, sign, canopy,
    and site-work to allow the client to be sure the building’s aesthetics were meeting the client’s needs.
  3. Viewed the lobby, training room, conference room owner’s office, and open workspace to allow the client to be sure these spaces were meeting the client’s needs.
  4. Changed interior window mullion colors to provide 4 different color options.
  5. Rendered the interior of the building with artificial and day–lighting. (artificial lighting was an additional service.)
  6. Resolved 169 conflicts between the 3rd floor ceiling and mechanical systems to be able to provide the client with the requested 10’-0” ceiling height.
  7. Resolved 88 conflicts between mechanical and sprinkler systems before ever constructing in the field.
  8. Resolved total 124 conflicts between mechanical, structural, and sprinkler systems (additional service) to be able to prevent the addition of soffits or lowering of ceilings during construction.
  9. The client was able to e-mail or call for 3D images/ renderings and received these via drobox/e-mail with a few hours/days.
  10. Client received 53 interior and/or exterior renderings. (additional service.)
  11. Saved approximately 3 months construction time in the field.

Panoramic 360 Views

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