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BIM: Project Examples

Buddhist Temple

B.I.M. Accomplishments

  1. Built 2D plans in 3D so the client could be certain the building was meeting the client’s needs.
  2. Modified the mechanical systems to fit in between the structured systems before beginning construction in the field.

Detailed list of B.I.M. accomplishments

  1. Modified the size of the supporting beams in the Meditation Hall to be 12” x 18”.
  2. Modified the height of the wall sconces to be 8’-8” in the meditation hall.
  3. Relocated the baby changing station in the Women’s restroom into the accessible water closet stall in lieu of behind the restroom door.
  4. Modified the water closets to be wall-mounted.
  5. Added a floor drain to each of the large restrooms.
  6. The entire north elevation in the kitchen was modified. (2) 2’-6” x 4’-6” windows to be added in the north wall of the kitchen. The wall casework to include a 2’-0” microwave on each side and 2’-6” wide casework at the Northwest corner.
  7. Casework was modified to include casework above throughout the entire kitchen.
  8. The base cabinet between the stoves was eliminated so a shorter stove could be placed between to accommodate a large noodle pot.
  9. Removed rafters in all exterior elevations.
  10. (6) HVAC issues were resolved prior to construction, which would have led to re-fabrication, lowering of ceilings, and the addition of soffits in the field. These occurred in main spaces (i.e.: the meditation hall and foyer).

Panoramic 360 Views

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